This Week in the Great Lakes

1. Rwanda Tourism Board launches Kwita Izina Festival to celebrate week of gorilla baby birth; gorillas anticipate performance anxiety.

2. Burundi emerges as Bangladeshi trafficking hub; Government proud that they have comparative advantage on something.

3. Congolese government woos foreign oil companies; claims ‘extract as you wish, no regulation here!”

4.  Rwandan president Paul Kagame says, “citizens know whats best for them”; which is exactly why he will not be holding free and fair elections.

5. WFP complains global financial crisis puts Congolese miners out of work; Enough project complains that miners are involuntarily forced to work.

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One response to “This Week in the Great Lakes

  1. Actually, it’s not the gorillas themselves who perform. They are too fragile to expose to so many people. It is, or at the inaugural Kwita Izina in 2008 was, Rwandan youth dressed in gorilla costumes.

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