Biggest Goat Scam Ever

Apparently, 30,000 goats that belong to the Government of Uganda have gone missing in the largest ever accidental misplacement of goats. According to the East African:

The office expressed concerns about the possibility of a major scam involving officials in the Ministry of Agriculture.

The missing goats were meant for the implementation of a pilot breeding project for strategic export under President Yoweri Museveni’s poverty reduction programme in Sembabule District. The Support for Export Breeding and Production Project was to benefit more than 100 farmers.

Under the goats deal, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Agriculture and Sembeguya Estates Ltd, a private firm, on March 22 .

At a cost of about $460 (Sh1million) per goat, it’s estimated that taxpayers could have lost more than $126,000 (Sh302.3 million) for the missing goats. Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Vice Chairperson Oduman Okello (Bukedea) said the committee will open fresh investigations into the circumstances under which the goats disappeared from the farm and who were the officials responsible for the loss.

“This is yet another case of abuse,” Mr Okello said. “We would like to know who took government goats and those responsible should prepare to pay for the loss. This is taxpayers’ money we are talking about and the amounts involved are huge.”

While ministry officials remain tight lipped on the matter, claiming they had not yet read the report, the Auditor General has told PAC that he had advised the Accounting Officer, Mr Vincent Rubarema, to pursue the accountability for the goats produced in the five years.



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4 responses to “Biggest Goat Scam Ever

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  2. Ash S

    From the except you quote, seems much more like it’s 300 goats not 30,000. But when you read the article it makes much more (albeit badly explained) sense! That’s a lot of goats!

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