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Beware of Fake Monks

I am no longer in the land of enumerators and evaluation launches, but I am in the land of signs that warn naive tourists like me to beware of fake monks that take advantage of our fascination with Buddhism and fresh coconut daiquiris.

So, future blogging on the potential of importing fake monks to Africa as a development intervention will come post-vacation on the 8th.

Enjoy some summertime relaxation without your google reader.


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Flashsticks and Fried Chicken

All of those times when I needed flash-sticks and fried chicken simultaneously, I wish I knew you were out there shawarma house.


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Friday Afternoon Africana

Because the Sierra Leone Refugee Allstars, whose awesome music is embedded in their refugee identity, once played large American concerts, but have since been repatriated:


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The Criminal Type

Say you are in Sierra Leone. And say you happen to commit a crime. Here is what you just might be officially charged with by the Sierra Leone Police and Ministry of Justice:

1. Entering quay without pass

2. Driving vehicle with defective trafficator light

3. Buggery

4. Being found by night in a building with intent to commit a felony

5. Being found drunk in the highway

6. Driving passengers and cattle at the same time

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Growth Industry in Africa

The hot new job in Sierra Leone: Selling live squirrels on the street.

Cost: 5 dollars. Value: priceless.


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Enumerator Prove Themselves Through Karaoke

During the momentary blog disappearance, survey instruments were piloted, goat meat was eaten, and motorcycle rides through the mud were taken. Awesomely, it ended in a survey launch party where only the strongest enumerators proved their survey skills by, of course, singing karaoke.



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This Week in the Great Lakes

1. UN Peacekeepers in the Congo upset that the Mai-Mai and FDLR join forces and outsmart them.

2.  Starbucks to open office in Rwanda; development indicators shoot off the chart.

3. International Crisis Group drafts comprehensive strategy to disarm FDLR in the DRC; stakeholders excited that this might lead to another conference.

4. Switzerland refuses to extradite Rwandan genocidaire; question of judicial impartiality in Rwanda continues to piss of judicials in Rwanda.

5. South African peacekeeping contingency in Burundi starts packing up; overcharging bars in Bujumbura fearful of economic future.

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