I am a humanitarian policy specialist who wears an evaluation and monitoring cape while roaming around field sites in conflict and post-conflict zones.  I’ve worked in Rwanda, Burundi, the Eastern DRC, and Liberia, land of never-ending bushmeat and baking soda. I speak French and Swahili and can whip out a survey from my belt much like a gun. This is a blog about culture, conflict, and causality in Central Africa and beyond.

E-mail Grant at modernitymoproblems@gmail.com.


5 responses to “about

  1. I was reading away and noticed that I am on your blogroll, which was a pleasant surprise. I did also notice, though, that it’s linked wrong. I think the link title and the link itself are switched in your coding.

  2. grant

    Hey, thanks for reading. Also, sorry about the mis-coding on your blog link – it should be all fixed now. And of course, your blog is great and I’m glad I can link to it. Hope all is well and have a good one.

  3. Hi, Just letting u know that I have migrated Sociolingo’s Africa to http://www.sociolingo.com
    Thanks for the blog link. Can u change the link please?

    Like your blog a lot and find it v useful.

  4. Z

    We want Mo’! We want Mo’!

  5. Carol

    Habari gani? How did it take me so long to find your blog? 😉 Napenda sana blogu yako. Tafadhali nitafute ukitaka kuongea kwa Kiswahili wakati wowote. Cheers

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