The Rwanda Trail

The Rwandan Development Board has decided to diversify the country’s tourism by adding a 202 kilometer trail along the eastern shore of Lake Kivu. Because every Great Lakes country needs to claim a spot where the Nile starts:

The 8-day by foot and 3-day by vehicle trail to be known as the Congo-Nile Trail which snakes along the shores of Kivu is being developed by RDB in collaboration with United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and SNV Rwanda.

The trail also covers historical heritage sites including Gihaya Island which had the residence of King Baudouin of Belgium as well as Richard Kandt’s residence at Ishangi, Rusizi District.

It will also comprise of a boat cruise on the Kivu in the new Umunezero Boat acquired by RDB.

Much like the Oregon Trail computer game, tourists trekking this new adventure will cross mountains, rivers,  and hunt and when they arrive at the end-point where the Nile Basin separates from the Congo Basin, they will be greeted by onomatopoeic sounds “BANG,” “WHAM,” and “POW.”


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