New and Amazing Ways to End the Conflict in the Congo, Edition 2

Last week it was goats for disarmament. Now, it’s guinea pigs. According to the International Center for Tropical Agriculture, guinea pigs are the secret to successful famine relief and conflict resolution:

“Small and easy to conceal, guinea pigs are well-suited to (Congo’s) conflict zones, where extreme poverty and widespread lawlessness means that the looting of larger domestic livestock is commonplace,” the group said in a statement.

The furry animals have other advantages: they can be fed kitchen waste and are a relatively low-cost investment compared to other livestock. Crucially, they reproduce quickly, with females giving birth to multiple litters that total 10 to 15 offspring per year.

“None of the scientists had contemplated guinea pigs as an option in (Congo) when the project started,” said CIAT’s Michael Peters. “Now they really could turn out to be indispensable.”

Scoot over United Nations Peacekeepers. Make way for camouflaged and easy-to-conceal guinea pig brochettes.

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One response to “New and Amazing Ways to End the Conflict in the Congo, Edition 2

  1. Near Rutsiro there are UN peacekeepers who are raising guinea pigs! I just thought it was cute — I didn’t realize it was the newest coalition. I guess this means that the war is basically over! Yay!

    They have over a dozen. We asked how they got so many and they said, well, a couple of months ago they found two…

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