Witchcraft at Kigali Council Meeting

In last weekends Kigali City Council meeting,  hundreds of attendants came down with food poisoning. Which really means witchcraft. According to the New Times:

The meeting had been called to present KCC’s achievements in 2009, also attracted several senior government officials.

Bruno Rangira, the Director of Communication at KCC, confirmed that out of the 3000 people who attended, 350 later had food poisoning problems while 6 others were admitted in hospital.

Nothing like the systematic poisoning of political meeting goers to suggest dubious macrobiotic processes. While the director of the venue where the meeting took place blamed the incident on an incompetent cook, the police are investigating:

In her statement to the police, Sumwiza [the cook] said that there was no intention of serving contaminated food to the masses.

“This problem was caused by the fact that the food served to the people that day had been prepared a day before the function and unfortunately, it later went bad.”

Rangira asserts that police is apparently handling the matter.

And, the negative correlation between civic participation and cooking time is established.



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2 responses to “Witchcraft at Kigali Council Meeting

  1. Hi dude
    I am really curious where you see the connection between food poisoning and witchcraft allegations in this particular context.

  2. grant

    Most often poisonings – food or not – are associated with witchcraft in the Great Lakes, sometimes rightly so. Testament to anxiety around it is its coverage in a major newspaper.

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