This Week in the Great Lakes

1. Vodacom Congo in trouble; claims they can’t cell ‘Blood Cellphones’ to the people who produce them fast enough.

2. Burundi starts voter registration for presidential election to ensure individuals can vote multiple times.

3. Opposition leader Victoire Ingabire visits genocide memorial in Rwanda; Government pissed, claims, “we have a monopoly on the genocide industry.”

4. Completely non-dubious mineral prospective report finds Coltan in Rwanda; government happy to preventively pretend it doesn’t extract from DRC.

5. Nicholas Kristof back in the DRC; plans to fill void of trite reports on sexual violence.


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One response to “This Week in the Great Lakes

  1. Just left Kristof a comment with three concrete suggestions for stories that are not about rape & lions. Odds he ignores it: 50:1. Odds the NYT won’t even post it: 3:2.

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