Klondike Bar Policies in Developing Countries

Justin Hook ponders important ethical dilemmas involving Klondike bars, many of which can be  applied to aid workers and the serious moral decisions made in developing countries. So, what would you do if:

You operate an orphanage and your funding has just been slashed. Kids are now going without dessert. Your friend owns a grocery store and is willing to donate 500 Klondike bars to the orphans if you lie and tell the government that he donated 1,000.  What would you do-o-o?


In the midst of a heat wave, the power goes out throughout town. Yours is the only house in town with a working generator, which you can use to power either your air conditioner or your freezer. A number of townspeople bring their Klondike bars to store in your freezer. To save their ice cream, you must endure the heat for an unknown length of time. What would you do-o-o?

Don’t ask what your developing country can do to assure Klondike bars for its people, but ask what you can do for your developing country to assure Klondike bars for its people. Particularly if they are orphans.

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