102 Posts Later

I wanted to make sure that I would get through 100 posts and still keep going, so here it is: Post 102.

Over the past 102 posts, I’ve been through the DRC, Burundi, Liberia, Sierra Leone and a splattering of American cities. I’ve evaluated a few different programs and more importantly celebrated those launches with enumerator karaoke. I’ve witnessed emerging trends in African growth and the hottest ways to wash your hair in Lofa.  I’ve counted Sarkozy’s numbered sugar poppa days and tracked where in the world Laurent Nkunda is.  I’ve even proposed a new metric for development success. And I’ve spent a lot of time procrastinating by watching African music videos for my Friday Afternoon Africana series, of which I still think Asa’s Fire on the Mountain is the funkiest.

Most importantly though, I’ve become the fifth most popular search response for ‘toilet picture’ in google images. People who search ‘toilet picture’ now comprise 90% of my traffic. Three people have come to this blog by searching ‘paraplegic lute,’ three others by ‘shoe footprint,’ and three more by, ‘african kind of meat.’ They might be the same three people.

I started this blog as a way to reflect on what I see, hear, and work on day-to-day in the field. I started it to not let my work in Africa become routine or my approach comfortably cynical.  I started it because I knew one day I would walk into a hotel in Africa and there would be David Beckham’s footprint molded in cement and that I would need to share that with as many people as possible. And so far, its’ been good.

So for the next 102 posts, I promise more karaoke, more rebel leaders, more celebrity travails, and mo’dernity, mo’problems.



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2 responses to “102 Posts Later

  1. Little brother, you make me mo’ proud.

  2. Three years ago I did one blog post about call girls at a hotel in Abuja. Now approximately 15% of my traffic comes from Google searches for “Nigerian call girls.”

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