This Week in the Great Lakes

1. Norwegian security guys are put on trial in the DRC for a dubious murder; court makes them grow troll-like beards.

2. Members of US Congress visit Rwanda and really like Paul Kagame, pledging a leadership award and non-intervention in any future genocide.

3.  Burundi adopts best electoral practices from Sierra Leone; import idea of ballots.

4. Congolese soldiers mutiny in the East, insecure that rebels pillage better than they do.

5. Rwanda and Sierra Leone sign communiqué in the spirit of working together; communiqué filed with thousands others just like it.



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2 responses to “This Week in the Great Lakes

  1. Also, if I may, FDLR sneaks around cyberspace after losing its web host, surprises international community with continued access to email.

  2. There is a critical shortage of inamorftive articles like this.

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