President of Burundi Rocks It Like Elvis

In a four day celebration of himself, President Nkurunziza of Burundi led his compatriots in dance, song, and a lot of self-congratulations. Really, because there is nothing quite like throwing a huge party for your voters right before an election.  According to an AFP reporter, the President makes boys and girls faint and women and  men feel like they are 17 again:

Down on the pitch, the police is struggling to contain the crowd’s fervor. Sandals and loincloths fly as the president’s fellow born-agains slip into a quasi-trance.

The spectacle reaches a climax when comes the president’s favourite song: Nkurunziza rolls on his backside and starts kicking the air, together with his 20-odd dancing vocalists.

The loincloths, the loincloths!

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