How To Teach The Youth About Africa

Through Minigolf of course.  Down in Central Florida:

Congo River Golf, located on East Colonial Drive just east of Alafaya, is a new miniature golf course that opened up a few months ago.

This isn’t your typical mini golf course, though — this golf course is designed to take you on a safari through Africa.

A waterfall, streams, boulders with African masks, a zebra-striped plane and a safari Jeep all help capture the essence of Africa.

“It’s really fun,” digital media major Cody Brunty said. “The waterfall named Livingstone is my favorite hole.”

“I think it’s great,” elementary education major Tiffany Lance said. “It gives us something else to do. I love the safari setting and the scavenger hunt.”

Upon entering Congo River, each party is given a scorecard, which has a scavenger hunt checklist on the back. There are six items hidden around the course that each party must find. Those items include a shield, a hat, a mummy, a canoe, a spear and jewels. If all items are found by the time the session is finished, the party is given scratch off cards that may yield a free game at Congo River.



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2 responses to “How To Teach The Youth About Africa

  1. I was in that part of Florida a few weeks ago. The pamphlet also included a promise to feed live alligators, possibly, if my 10-year-old cousin was correct. Because obviously.

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