Toilet Aid

The winner for creative aid initiative of the day: toilet twinning. WhenTwo_Piece_Toilet you or your cherished family members buy a new toilet for your home, you can match your purchase and buy a toilet for some poor, toilet-less soul in Burundi. And, in the name of accountability, you can track where your toilet goes on Google earth. According to the BBC:

Leamington Spa-based charity Cord has introduced the scheme, with the money going to families returning to Burundi.

A spokesman said the money was needed to improve hygiene.

The idea is people can twin their home or office toilets with one in Rutana Province, and can track it down to its exact location via Google Earth.

Bishop Colin said the scheme was a “brilliant idea”.

“It’s a way in which we can have some fun while making a difference to a lot of people’s lives,” he said.

So go get yourself and somebody in Rutana a new toilet today. Then, bring your friends over to your house for a Google earth viewing party!


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  1. What a fantastic way of helping those less fortunate than yourself, the best part is that this could be replicated with pretty much every way. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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