Newest Aid Organization Cover Up Tactic: Bad Statistics

According to the Ndengera Organization in Rwanda, a Rwandan child is orphaned by aids every 14 seconds. The New Times figures that:

Mathematically, it would imply that four kids are orphaned by HIV/AIDS in a minute, which adds up to over 257 every hour, and then 6,171 a day. In a month, 185,142 children will be orphaned while more than 2.2 million children will be orphaned each year.

Which really means that by about 2014, the entire Rwandan population will be children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  The dubious statistics ticked off officials in the National Commission in the fight against HIV/AIDS. And after a bit of digging Ndengera was discovered to be a ‘ghost’ NGO; a hollow cover up of an organization that is more like a tax-shelter than an actual aid agency.

Claudette Umulisa, an official from Immigration and Emigration department had previously said that some NGOs were non existent and those existing had huge funds but with little activities on the ground to account for the money they get.

So in Rwanda,  which is burgeoning haven of NGO proliferation and port of entry for many organizations into Africa, there are a lot of fake NGOs. This of course is excellent for providing accurate depictions of what’s happening on the ground, building confidence in local communities, engendering trust among government officials and international counterparts, and embezzling money for many martinis. Cheers!

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  1. why? Why do people feel the need to do stupid things like this? It almost seems unbelievable. Who would put so much effort into helping so little and creating such harm?

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