The ‘Who the Hell Are You’ Development Metric

I arrived in Sierra Leone a few days ago to scope out the parameters and methodological approach for an evaluation to be launched in mid-June. One part of my work has included collecting data. This means walking into a plethora of Ministries, finagling my way into meeting with relevant officials and essentially saying, “hey, I’m this random white guy consultant and I would really like your data.”

And, I’ve gotten a lot of, “Who the hell are you” looks. Which is encouraging. I actually think it is a sign of functional governance; rarely, anywhere in the world should a young white guy be allowed to sneak his way into government meetings with shallow organizational support and nice shirts. Really, I think a new metric is at hand: the “Who the Hell Are You” Metric.

It can be gauged by a structural willingness to engage, but according to appointments, organizational backing and other characteristics of a formalized process. Indicators of this new metric might include facial contortions, condescending looks, and ridiculous laughter in response to absurd requests as well as any verbal rejoinders with the permutation of, “..and who are you?”



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3 responses to “The ‘Who the Hell Are You’ Development Metric

  1. This may be a better test of state failure than the “are they bottling coke?” test.

  2. Yessssss!!! Although I’ll miss it when it’s gone, I’m sure. 🙂

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