Best Office Decor in Africa Contest

I walked into the best African office I’ve been into the other day. It included in no particular order or aesthetic combination:

1. Multiple bright pink stuffed animals
2. A multi-paged Adam Smith quote from the Wealth of Nations
3. A lavender pony pen holder
4. An inflatable bob toy of George Bush wrestling the world
5. Empty cans of energy drinks displayed to impress

Best African office décor you’ve seen?


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3 responses to “Best Office Decor in Africa Contest

  1. Tristan

    Well, my office in Freetown has sacks of rice, which were gifts for survey respondents, large blocks of soap, which were made by beneficiaries of a project we evaluate, and a huge Obama poster with pictures of “Lady Clinton” and “Foreign dignitaries paying tribute.” Also, inspirational posters showing youth “unlocking their full potential.”

    That, and stacks of old questionnaires which are slowly being eaten by rats.

  2. Dude, seriously, you could have taken a picture or something!!!!

  3. I don’t know, but every African office should have, on the computer screen, a screen background of a photo of the office’s occupant sitting at the desk. Not smiling.

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