This Week in the Great Lakes

1. Burundi begins their role as host of the East African Community Parliament; whines that they are the only French speakers left.

2. The Democratic Republic of Congo’s newest international export: female soccer players.

3. Swedish aid agency trains Rwandan actors in acting; more genocide films coming your way.

4. OCHA publishes estimated rape rates for 2009 in the Eastern Congo; apparently being a women in the Kivus is still a bummer.

5. Rwandan national paper says Kenneth Roth and Human Rights Watch suck.


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3 responses to “This Week in the Great Lakes

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  2. I read the anti-HRW editorial, and maybe I’m just tired, but I didn’t get why the author was so mad. Because Kenneth Roth somehow “appropriated” the Rwandan genocide by writing about it?

    Also, that line about activists being so mad at people like Roth that they might be inclined to think “hmmm, maybe Mugabe has a point,” was a major red flag.

  3. I like this format.
    It’s nice to have a digest, like ezra’s tab dumps.

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