Are You the Cartoonist Somalia is in Desperate Need of?

The UNDP is hiring for what might be one of the coolest jobs in a high security humanitarian crisis ever: Millennium Development Goals Cartoonist. The question is do you have what it takes?

Somalia faces significant challenges in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Persistent insecurity, natural disasters and widespread poverty are some of the challenges that deter progress towards attaining the MDGs. One of the challenges faced is the dismally low awareness of MDGs among audiences at all levels — an issue that deters their attainment. In order for Somalis to understand the significance of MDGs, realize their basic human rights and identify who is accountable for assisting them in achieving them, MDG awareness and advocacy need to be enhanced.

To address this issue, and bearing in mind the low literacy levels in Somalia, UNDP Somalia, through the Human Development and Economics Unit, is seeking a consultant to produce cartoon designs for an MDG comic as well as two cartoon characters (male and female).The objective of this comic would be to educate local Somalis throughout the country (the civil society in rural and urban areas, and nomads); private sector; educational institutions, and local administrations) on what exactly the MDGs are. The booklet will serve as a tool to encourage audiences to assume their responsibility towards attaining each goal, while informing them of who is accountable to assist in achieving each goal. This increased awareness will finally guide policies that prioritise the achievement of each goal, and contribute to change in attitude and behavior.

The final comic design will conform to the template designed by the UNDP Communications Team.

The comics will be disseminated widely within Somalia, through UN agencies’ networks (UNICEF, WHO etc), educational institutions, the media and via focus group discussions and workshops. The two cartoon/fictitious images would be used in advocacy for Somalis to relate to the MDGs easily.



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3 responses to “Are You the Cartoonist Somalia is in Desperate Need of?

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  2. I am skeptical. Cartoons often fail when used this way.

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