Where Are They Now? Or, What Type Of Food Will Laurent Nkunda Eat Next?

CONGO-DEMOCRATIC/NKUNDARwandan and Congolese Ministers of Justice have spent the past few days arguing over where Laurent Nkunda should be tried. The outcome: they have no idea.  According to a joint statement released from the meeting:

“Being Congolese, the Congolese law applies to him and being on Rwandan soil, the Rwandan law applies.”

On top of this bizarre legalistic interpretation of Nkunda’s existential being, Rwanda refuses to extradite him to the DRC given that the DRC has yet to abolish the death penalty. And the DRC is kind of pissy because they don’t actually have Nkunda or the power to make Rwanda give Nkunda to them.

So, both governments have agreed to transfer Nkunda to a neutral third party country that neither has the death penalty or enough infrastructure to facilitate great media coverage of the trial. But before that, more meetings!

“A team of experts of the two countries that should convene a meeting within reasonable time to work on a legal framework that will consider the legal obstacles with regard to the transfer of Laurent Nkunda.”

After all bureaucratic hoops are passed through (read: enough time to get another rebel to marginalize Nkunda in the public eye by outdoing and out-stylizing him), he will probably be relocated for a theatrical trial that can be controlled from a distance.  My bet, Papa New Guinea.


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One response to “Where Are They Now? Or, What Type Of Food Will Laurent Nkunda Eat Next?

  1. I’m holding out that they’ll choose Sudan or the CAR.

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