Happy Pubescent Anniversary Rwanda

In memory of the Rwanda genocide, Ken Roth keeps up the quality of Human Rights Watch Rwanda analysis after Allison Des Forge’s passing and writes:

Kagame’s strategy is shortsighted and dangerous. He claims to be building a society in which citizens are only Rwandans, not Tutsi or Hutu, but his repression of civil society means that avenues to forge alternative bonds among people are limited. That makes it more likely that in moments of tension Rwandans will resort to their ethnic identity, as so often happens in repressive societies.

Taking it home, Roth wraps up his article with a jab to jugular:

The best way to prevent another genocide is to insist that Kagame stop manipulating the last one.

As memories of the genocide turn 15, it seems like Rwanda is facing a tumultuous media anniversary. Recent coverage of the anniversary  have attacked the ways in which the current Rwandan administration abuses the genocide as a form of political repression and a justification of warmongering.

This could be a pubescent moment for Rwanda: external pressure pushes the country beyond its post-genocidal growing pains.  That, or more Hollywood blockbusters on the genocide could be produce. Life is full of tradeoffs.


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