Mama Africa: Land of Banjoes

Finally, there is a film where you can watch a Bubu draped Senegalese string player outdo a western-trained banjo virtuoso.

Bela Fleck recently traveled through East and West Africa tracking down rhythmic talent in his new film about bringing the banjo back to the mother-continent. He puts together an excellent movie with unbelievable jams and a historical narrative much less naïve than its title, Throw Down Your Heart:

You can now die happily.



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2 responses to “Mama Africa: Land of Banjoes

  1. Well if dying happy is the goal, and this is the method, you’re late to the game, and unnecessarily old. Jayme Stone & Mansa Sissoko did this already. Okay, so no film, but the album, “Africa to Appalchia,” is great.

    (No idea if I coded that right. I’m not that kind of geek.)

  2. You know Grant, when you titled your post Mama Africa I immediately thought of Miriam Makeba. But this thing is just as interesting as the actual “Mama Africa.”

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