Are Margaritas Served at Undisclosed “Safe” Locations?

Jeffrey Gettleman of the New York Times reports:

There is a growing fear that General Nkunda’s arrest may end in an unsatisfying way and that Rwanda may not hand him over, partly because he knows too much. On Sunday, the Rwandan military acknowledged for the first time that General Nkunda was not being kept in jail but at an undisclosed “safe” location in Rwanda.

The Congolese are calling for Nkunda’s extradition to the International Criminal Court. Rwandese officials are unsure that is the right way to deal with an international war criminal.

That said, there is a growing fear among Kivutiens that Nkunda will make his way back to the front lines. If so, Nkunda’s biography should be titled “The Audacity of Rwanda. ”

Realistically though, now that Nkunda has become an internationally renowned rebel with ties to Kigali it is unlikely that Rwanda will send him back to the Kivus.  It is more likely than a new leader will emerge among the ranks of the CNDP or that the CNDP will be totally replaced by the Rwandan Army.  In the short term, it would be strategic for Rwanda to use Nkunda as media bate while they rebuild their front in the Eastern DRC. Afterwards,  Nkunda should lay low while basking in his undisclosed safe location, which possibly has a mountainview and a pool.

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