Fraud and Lists in a Small African Country

17 Rwandans are currently under investigation for alleged embezzlement into the Fund for Support of Genocide Survivors (FARG). Apparently, mismanaging and embezzling from government coordinated reparation funds for genocide survivors in Rwanda isn’t something new. In 2001 meeting with President Paul Kagame, FARG Executive Secretary Karenzi told Kagame:

“The institution has discovered numerous cases of connivance and personal interests in the process and that irregularities have been registered since 2001.”

In this 2007 meeting, Karenzi also explained that:

“A computerized database to verify genuine survivors eligible for the fund is under development and almost complete.”

However, in a country with a national project to erase and ignore ethnic identity forcefully, how do you keep a ‘computerized database’ of ethnically characterized genocide survivors? How do you verify that somebody legitimately belongs in the database or not. Possibly a role for a Czar of Ethnic Differentiation?

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