Eat My Dust Africa

Or David Casteau and Marc Coma’s dust as they rip through West Africa on their way from Paris to Dakar in planes, trains, and automobiles.

Oh wait, just joking! In 2008 the Dakar Rally was canceled due to fear of a terrorist attack in the Sahara and has since moved to…South America.  Which is kind of like Africa, right?

The Boston Globe put up a spectacular photo essay on the Dakar Rally’s new home in Latin America that is worth checking out until you can find a paper on the post-colonial social anxiety of riding a motorcycle through the deserts of Africa.



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One response to “Eat My Dust Africa

  1. Gone are the days when i used to follow up the Dakar rally with a passion…I am not sure of what happened. Maybe its about the rally shifting to other continents…


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