A New Type of Rapid Response

The question on the tip of many tongues at a recent humanitarian affairs conference: “Should the UN have its own intervention capability such as the proposed permanent UN Emergency Peace Service?” Over at the Embassy, H. Peter Langille argues that:

While the question should have been asked, and organizers privately acknowledged that, it was not. It may not be unsurprising that former U.S. ambassador to the UN John Bolton and former Canadian chief of defence staff Rick Hillier did not ask about or support such an option. But even actress Mia Farrow only came close in suggesting the need for a UN rapid reaction force, while International Crisis Group CEO Gareth Evans and moderator Brian Stewart of the CBC should have had a little more to offer.

All I know is that if Mia Farrow thinks there should be a rapid response team with mobile headquarters and the capacity to stop mass violence,  restore law and order,  and monitor human rights abuses, then it should The-A-teambe.  I also think that the UN should veer away from stylized icons and logos for this new unit and adopt its destined aesthetic of gold chains and smoking robes.


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