It was Dr. Des Forges, in the New Genocide Library, with the Candlestick…

Jean de Dieu Mucyo, Executive Secretary of the National Commission for the Fight Against the Genocide in Rwanda,  announced today that Kigali is in going to open a Genocide Research Centre Library. The new library will house one of the world’s most extensive collections of literature and research on genocide. And, records from the ICTR.  However:

Custody of the ICTR archives has been a matter of contention between the government and the UN. The ICTR is set to close after the completion of trials on appeal by 2010.

The ICTR is scrambling to find funding to continue beyond 2010 so that they can pursue cases against Kagame’s Rwanda Patriotic Front Party, who apparently weren’t so great in 1994. Establishing this library will strengthen Rwanda’s claim that in order to move beyond genocide into reconciliation, the ICTR must be shut down sooner or later. Hopefully before RPF members are tried.

The announcement also came the same day that the Rwandan government officially acknowledged they had denied Dr. Alison Des Forges into the country. I wonder if the new library will include her seminal piece on the Rwandan Genocide, “Leave None to Tell the Story.”


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  1. At last some ratolnaiity in our little debate.

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